About Us

We are committed to our objectives to,

  1. Develop Modern Transportation solutions
  2. Design, Engineering & Simulation through modern Computational Methods
  3. Lead the Local Industry to Modern Design & Engineering Technologies
  4. Share Experience with others through Trainings
  5. Become a regional leader in DESIGN ENGINEERING services


We are Experts in Engineering & Design with Experience & Research in,

  1. Advanced Material
  2. Commercial FRP
  3. Forging Simulation
  4. Casting Simulation
  5. Structural Analysis
  7. Rapid Manufacturing


With Specialties in Manufacturing Process Design & Simulations, Design Automation & Software Customization, CAD/CAM, PLM Implementation, Metal Casting Solutions, Structural, Fluid & Thermal Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Tooling Design & Development, Advanced Composites, Commercial FRPs, Automotive Body & Systems Design, Aircraft Structures & Systems.